Author of 'Vocalastics' Singer's Audio Course shares singing tips for 'Beginners to Grammy Winners.'

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vocalastics Singer's Tips by Louise Lambert

 #1 Baby Cries
When a baby cries, notice the action in their belly. It is deep and strong and passionate! That intensity is in all of us, to cry out and be heard and not hurt our voices doing it!
Try crying your song. Put that little 'uh huh' cry in it. For an exercise, try crying the whole song, whine it, wail it , sniffle it, and you may find a strong, over the top gut feeling coming out. Then rein it in and just put enough cry in to make your song interesting and passionate. The Baby’s feeling is: “I want my milk, I want it now”... It is so important that they feel that their survival is at stake.
You can use that same passion! Cry it!

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